Friday, December 15, 2006

Mary Findley's Top Three Rules for Speed Cleaning

1) Buy the best equipment you can afford. Men, when you go to buy tools do you head to the local dollar store for your tools or do you go to Sears for Craftsmen and then a good quality hardware store for DeWalts, Makitas and Snap On?

Head out to the garage ladies and take a look at the tools on your husbands workbench. The majority of people do not use these tools every week let alone every day. The majority use them maybe once or perhaps twice a month and some even less than that. Even if they use them twice a year they still buy the best on the market. Why? Because men especially know high quality tools do the job, they do it right the first time and they don't brake in the middle of the job - exceptions noted.

So why are you using poor quality tools to clean your home, car, Rv etc when you use them daily if not more often than that? Look at your broom closet. How many mops have you thrown away in the last year because they just didn't work and you gave up. How many bottles of cleaners do you have hidden on the back shelf because the ad on TV made it look so wonderful and you found out it would be wonderful if it would even clean a smudge let alone real dirt.

Good quality tools cut your cleaning time down to a third of the time. They last for years not weeks and when you finish, the surface is actually clean and it sparkles. You will save hundreds of dollars a year just by buying top quality tools.

2) Give your product time to work. It takes time for a product to dissolve some grease and grime. Spray your cleaner on the surface then wait 5 to 15 minutes depending on the dirt and your cleaner. For those of you using my new cleaners 1 to 2 minutes is more than enough time.

3) Prevention, prevention, prevention. Wipe down surfaces regularly even those that don't get that dirty like window blinds. Done monthly cleaning window blinds is a five minute job. Put it off - well cancel all plans for the afternoon. This holds true for any household cleaning job.

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