Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A book that keeps on Giving

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cleaning” http://www.goclean.com/bookclean.htm coauthored by Mary Findley. This is one gift that will keep giving for years to come just as our mops and other products continue to do. We gladly ship all our products direct to their recipient and even tuck in a gift card as well!

Cleaning for unexpected guests
So this is the busiest time of year. Your best friend calls after just arriving in town and wants to come by for an unexpected quick visit and will be there in an hour. Your home is still disgruntled from putting up all the decorations and you are elbow deep in cookie dough. Where do you start?
If you have a laundry basket (a large plastic bag or box will work just fine) start at the front door and make a quick swoop through each room where you will probably be entertaining. Starting at the front door enables you to see what they will see when walking in the door. Time? 10 minutes.

With the larger items out of the way, tuck excess magazines etc into a spare bedroom or closet picking up books or shoes along with them. Don’t use the hall closet since you hang coats there! Time? 8 minutes.

Clean fast with environmentally safe cleaners

Next grab our Benya, it cleans and shines most hard surfaces except wood. Give the kitchen counters and guest bathroom a quick once over. If your microwave needs cleaning tuck a coffee cup half full of water inside and heat it up for 2 minutes then squirt a bit of CleanEz inside and quickly wipe it out. Time? 12 minutes. – How do I know these times? Experience J
Benya is one of very few glass cleaners that will not smear or streak. It removes grease and fingerprints from black refrigerators and appliances and leaves a wonderful shine on counter tops.

You will love using Clean Eze for hundreds of cleaning chores. It’s a wonderful stain remover for carpet and clothing doing an awesome job cleaning awnings and even removes black streaks off RVs and motorhomes. It is the best I’ve ever used as an all purpose cleaner and the best part is highly concentrated.

Run the vacuum if needed only on traffic areas and grab a cotton dust cloth wiping over only the visible areas using our Wood Care diluted. Time? 15 minutes.

That leaves you 15 minutes to put on a pot of water for hot tea and scatter a few holiday decorating books on a dining room table, opened in hopes of them being a good distraction. When the door bell rings you are ready to share new ideas you have for holiday decorating over a cup of warm tea and the magazines.

Cleaning showers and soap scum

Ah but they might stay over for the night and the shower needs a quick clean. Our brand new TerraPlus removes soap scum and hard water spots in under two minutes with little or no scrubbing and even removes oil from driveways or garage floors. TerraPlus is the only product I’ve ever used that doesn’t back down from the really tough cleaning jobs. It’s fast, effective yet environmentally safe just like Benya and CleanEz.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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