Monday, April 03, 2006

Ideas for Half Day Cleanings

                                          Half day cleaning ideas

    Down on the farm every spring, Grandma would haul out the pillows, mattresses and throw rugs and have us shake, beat and rattle them to freshen them for the spring and summer. Those may be old fashioned ideas but they should be time honored. All that shaking and beating removed the winter's coat of dust, pollen and who knows what else that decided to hibernate between the layers of blankets and mattresses.

     Even if time is tight for spring cleaning and you need to limit the time spent on deep cleaning, don't neglect your bed room. When you spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping on top of dust - sinus and allergy problems tend to rear their ugly heads. You'll be surprised how much easier you will breathe simply by cleaning your bed thoroughly.

     Wash all the bedding including your mattress cover. Remove the mattress and box springs. Turn your frame on the side and clean it with our Bi-O-Kleen. Vacuum the carpet. If there is any dirt marks along the wall use the Ion-A-Clean to remove them.

     Replace the box springs and vacuum it. Next replace the mattress, vacuum the first side, flip it then vacuum the other side. Clean your pillows by either air drying them in the dryer or washing them if they are feather pillows.

     Next pull out your dresser or chest of drawers and vacuum then dust the walls. If you get real energetic tackle the closet. Take to Goodwill anything you haven't worn for the past 2 years and this includes those items we all toss on the top shelf thinking we might need it one day. Well, this is 5 years later and you forgot you had it – toss it in the Goodwill bag.

* In the kitchen: Ok this is time to fess up. When was the last time you treated your cabinets to a good wood treatment? Our Wood Care is just the answer to prevent the drying and cracking that can and does happen. It will revive those areas that have dulled from water splashing.

     Remember though if you have used a product like Pledge that contains chemicals, it's best not to mix products. It could cause the finish to soften. Wood Care can be used successfully on top of pure lemon oil as long as the product does not contain petroleum distillates. Petroleum distillates should never be used inside the home. Check your products carefully. Researchers are just now beginning to associate d-limolene with physical ailments as well.

*Don't forget to clean your refrigerator and toss any bottle that is past the "best used by date." Wipe out the freezer and thoroughly clean the drawers and shelves. They will soon be full of the summer's harvest.

     Then each day where you have a few spare minutes, remove everything from one cabinet and wipe down the shelves. Start with the shelves where food, spices etc are stored to discourage ants from hauling off the leftovers.

     Spring is a great time to go through your home and disguard your toxic cleaners. Call your local toxic waste management company and take that stuff to them for proper disposal. Give your body a spring cleaning as well by getting rid of all that stuff. It literally is killing you.

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